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"How Not To Forget Vocabulary is a lively, informative guide to the use of memory improving techniques in language learning. Many of the exercises detailed in the book would provide a useful tool for both teachers and learners in striving to bring languages to life. Learning vocabulary is crucial to advancement in any language. How Not To Forget vocabulary teaches a skill that will enable the language student to learn words more quickly and to retain those words for ever."

- Julie W, French Teacher At The Lady Barn House School, Cheadle


Dear Fellow Language Enthusiast,

Hi, my name is Dr Aman Gupta and I am a psychiatrist with a special interest in how to make language learning work better and faster for you. If you give me the next five minutes, I will show you how this very day you can begin to absorb words from foreign languages like a sponge, remember the gender of words and retain language not just for today but for a long long time to come. 

You will discover how the nightmare of not being able to acquire a language that you have struggled to learn can quickly become a distant memory in a matter of a few short steps that you can begin to put into action in under an hour. I can show you how you can be on your way to speaking the language of your choice with a lot more ease and in less time than you previously thought possible.

You will discover how you can easily acquire large amounts of words from Spanish, French, Italian or whatever language you have always wanted to speak. You will also retain these words rather than forgetting them as you most likely have been doing. You can rapidly be on your way to speaking those languages that you have always wanted to speak.

For a second,  I want you to consider how different things would be if you could absorb large amounts of foreign words like a sponge and actually retain them for much much longer than you have been doing.

Just think for a minute how your life would be so different if you could actually remember all those words along with their genders that you so badly want to and need  to remember rather than forgetting them as you most likely have been doing! Would your goal of speaking Spanish, French or German be realized? Would travel become easier? Would it mean that you could pass that dreaded language exam once and for all?

So How Frustrated Are You With Forgetting Those Words Which You Only Learnt Yesterday?

Let me start off by asking you - are you fed up with continuously feeling your memory is full of holes? Are you frustrated with watching how foreign language words you spent so much time learning simply disappear from your mind? Are you tired of thinking how you will ever be able to speak the language of your choice?

Or worse still, are you just simply tired of feeling that no matter how much time or effort you put in you simply canít grasp that essential vocabulary? Itís a horrible feeling isnít it?



If You Donít Remember The Words You Canít Speak The Language

Letís be brutally honest here. Words are the backbone of the language you are learning. If you donít know the words you canít speak the language -  thatís about as fundamental as the truth comes. If you donít know the words you donít know the language and it doesnít matter which language you want to speak.

Do you realize how important vocabulary is to speaking any language? Whether itís ordering a coffee in Paris, asking directions in Barcelona or ordering a pizza in Rome the most important part of any language is words. If you donít have the words you will not be able to communicate effectively.

I admit you can point to the odd item here or the one thing you want on the shelf behind but that really will not get you very far. The essential truth is that words make up any language and itís knowing or not knowing those words which will make the difference between communicating or not communicating.

The unfortunate fact is however, for many of us grasping those words can be a very difficult and frustrating task and forgetting them just so much easier!



"More than just a guide to learning languages, a positive and creative method of memory and recall.  I found this technique straightforward and easy to understand".

- Linda W, Stockport


Not Knowing Words Will Only Make You Fail Your Exams

 If you are a student studying languages you will only know how important it is to remember foreign words. Knowing or not knowing those words can literally make the difference between passing an exam or spending time again revising when everybody else is enjoying themselves.

Letís look at this further - if you donít remember or cannot retain vocabulary it literally can and in many cases will make the difference between passing or failing. You simply cannot read, write or speak another language until you have the essential vocabulary that is an absolute necessity.

Now ask yourself how much fun does it sound repeating another exam? How much fun is it spending another summer revising when others are out there enjoying themselves?

Itís Not Your Fault However - When Did Your School Last Teach You How You Should Actually Remember?

 I hope you can see now how important remembering foreign words truly will be to your success in speaking another language or passing any language exam. Grasping and retaining words is absolutely essential for you in speaking another language. However, grasping and retaining words can also be much easier than you actually think.

 You are about to discover a new way of grasping and retaining those easy to forget language words that will allow you to acquire lots and lots of vocabulary easily, in less time and retain it for as long as you like. You are about to discover a novel approach to retaining vocabulary that you can start to put into practice right this very day and start benefiting immediately.

 Furthermore, I can almost guarantee that you were not shown how to do this in school! Even more so, itís almost a certainty that most language teachers wouldnít even know how to use this fantastic novel way!

 The fact is that learning and how to learn are two very separate issues. Your teacher wanted you to learn but in all likelihood did not understand how your brain works and how you could have acquired and retained information much better.

 Itís almost a given your school expected you to learn but never showed you how to learn. May be your school expected you to learn thousands of words of French or Spanish but never once showed you how to do so. Was that your fault? I donít think so.

 Acquiring large amounts of vocabulary and retaining it can be an easy task for you but youíve got to do something different. Youíve got to discover a novel way that you can use to your advantage and one which works for you. Let me introduce you to this way...



'How Not To Forget Vocabulary' - A Better Way To Learn And Retain Vocabulary They Didnít Teach You About At School

 I want to introduce you to a very special method of acquiring vocabulary and achieving your goals of speaking another language or even just passing that dreaded language exam!

 I want to introduce you to a fantastic method that you can start to apply this very day to achieve your language-speaking dream. You will discover in a step-by-step way an easy to acquire method to remember those words not just for today but for a long long time! You will discover how much closer you can be to your language-speaking dream than you realize

 Fixing those up till now easy-to-forget language words straight into your mind will become a new way of operating for you and get you speaking the language of your choice. However, thatís not the only benefit. You will also discover...

You Will Discover How To Remember The Genders Of Words

 If you are a language learner you only know how difficult it can be at times to remember the gender of words. Getting confused between the French "le and la", the Spanish "el and la" and the German "der, die and das" can be such a frustrating experience!

You only understand too well how awkward any language can sound if you keep on getting the genders of the words wrong. If youíre a student itís even worse as each and every mistake can cost marks. If you lose too many marks, well, I donít need to repeat to you the impact that has on the grades that you achieve and whether you pass or fail that exam.

However, forgetting genders of words need not apply to you any more. In 'How Not To Forget Vocabulary' you will discover a great way to fix the genders of foreign language words straight into your mind. You will find out not only how to retain the foreign language words but also the gender at the same time.

Leave behind your nightmare of not being able to remember the gender of words and get on with the business of speaking your chosen language!  Youíll discover how in 'How Not To Forget Vocabulary.'



"I have read this book and for me, this is a novel approach to learning! Quickly and easily you will have fun learning any foreign language which can be applied in conversation, holidays or exam revision"

- Joan F, United Kingdom


You Will No Longer Be Confused Between Similar Sounding Words From Different Languages 

Do you ever get confused between similar sounding words from different languages?

 If you are learning languages like French, Spanish and Italian you will only know how the similarities between the languages can also lead to confusion! If youíre speaking to an Italian and end up speaking Spanish or speaking to a Spaniard and speak words of French itís not a rewarding experience! In fact, I am sure you realize itís very frustrating not being able to differentiate between similar sounding languages - especially after all that effort you have put in learning those words!

 However, confusion can be a thing of the past for you. On page 60 you are going to discover how easy it can be to differentiate similar sounding words from different languages but again itís something Iím sure your school didnít teach you!


In 'How Not To Forget Vocabulary' you will discover...

  How easy it can be to remember those foreign language words!

How to fix genders of words into your mind rather than forget them!

How to stop getting confused between similar sounding words from different languages

On page 10 you will find out why you havenít been remembering what you have been learning

On page 77 you will discover how to remember for the long-term

How you can use what you discover in 'How Not To Forget Vocabulary' to remember words in English too

And much much more besides...


 You Will Remember For The Short-Term And The Long-Term Saving Time - Just Think What You Could Do With That Extra Time?

 Do you remember that feeling of learning something new, remembering it for a day or two and then finding out a month later everything that you learnt has simply disappeared? Itís not a great feeling is it? Particularly if you have exams approaching! And especially in a day and age when you have a hundred demands on your time!

 The bottom line is no matter which language you are learning you are going to need to remember not only for today but also for tomorrow. You simply donít want to be spending all that time learning words that you will not remember in a monthís time! I donít have the time to keep on forgetting what I learn and I very much doubt you do too. Your time is too precious to invest and then not recall, to labor yet not reap the rewards because you canít remember for the long-term.

 On page 77 you are going to discover why you forget and what you can do about it. 'How Not To Forget Vocabulary' will give you the solution to remember for today and for tomorrow!



You Will Be In A Much Better Position To Pass Language Exams

 'How Not To Forget Vocabulary' is ideal for anyone studying languages. In fact, not only is it ideal but it's virtually one of a kind. Can you remember the last textbook your school gave you on actually making language learning work for you? Do you recall the last time your school gave you a book outlining in a step-by-step manner how you can master the fundamentals of language learning? I can almost guarantee the answer is never!

As a language student you only know too well how important vocabulary is to learning and speaking any language. So much of your time and effort is invested in learning vocabulary. You are continuously tested and evaluated on how good you are at learning vocabulary. In fact, virtually anything to do with language learning will involve you grasping and retaining vocabulary. 'How Not To Forget Vocabulary' will be your invaluable companion in conquering one of the most essential and sometimes the most difficult tasks in learning a language.

Why leave passing to chance? 

You Can Help A Loved One Or A Relative Who Currently Is Or Will Be Studying Languages

Do you know anyone who is learning languages - perhaps a loved one or a close friend? Do you think their life would be easier if they received the 'missing ingredient' language courses actually miss out in how to learn any foreign language? Why not get them something special they will thank you for many times over! You could be making a bigger difference in their life than you realize!


'How Not To Forget Vocabulary' will help you to:-

* Learn foreign languages

* Remember foreign words with their genders

* Remember English words

* Save time by remembering and not forgetting

* Stop getting confused between similar sounding words from different languages

* Assist a loved one or friend in learning languages or passing an exam

* Gain that edge in business

* Pass that dreaded language exam

* Make that foreign vacation far more pleasurable 



You Will Be Able To Remember English Vocabulary With Much Greater Ease

'How Not To Forget Vocabulary' is packed full of amazing bits of information others don't teach you. However, not only is 'How Not To Forget Vocabulary' invaluable in learning foreign language vocabulary but also great in helping you grasp words from the English language too. If you're studying or know somebody who is studying English or even wants to just know how to remember more English words 'How Not To Forget Vocabulary' will teach you in a step-by-step way how you can fix words from the English language into your mind - not just for today but for a long long time to come!



"Thank you for sending me a copy of "How Not To Forget Vocabulary." I have greatly enjoyed reading it and was particularly interested in your scientific approach. As you know, I have tried out some of your ideas with my pupils and found the results to be positive. I am sure that most language learners would find something of value to them here, especially those for whom learning large amounts of vocabulary quickly (that typical, dreaded homework) presents a challenge."

- Richard S, Head Of Spanish, The Manchester Grammar School, Manchester



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You Will Love 'How Not To Forget Vocabulary

We can guarantee you will love 'How Not To Forget Vocabulary.' In fact, we're so confident you will love 'How Not To Forget Vocabulary' as much as we do that we offer a 56 day money-back guarantee on our product.

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Now, how much would you expect to pay for vital information that no one else readily reveals and is so fundamental that it could make the difference between you acquiring a new language or not - and the difference between you passing exams or not? Considering the fact that several well-renowned language courses and programs can cost several hundred dollars 'How Not To Forget Vocabulary' is offered at a rock-bottom price for only $27.95 (US Dollars)! That's right, for less than the price of a meal for two you could have vital information in your possession that nobody else reveals that could most definitely make the difference between speaking a language or not, passing an exam or failing and the realization of a language speaking dream or the giving up of a cherished goal.

However, you will have to hurry as this is a special introductory price being offered at the moment and this will not be the price for ever.

Ask yourself, how would your life be different if you could remember all those words with ease, not just for today but also for tomorrow? If you're going on vacation to those wonderful exotic places would speaking more of French, Spanish or Italian help you? Would you gain that extra edge in business if you knew German? Does achieving that grade A in language studies mean something to you? I think you already know the answer to these questions! Take that essential step today in learning how to absorb those easy to forget foreign language words like a sponge!

Claim your copy today, you will not be disappointed!

Wishing you the best!

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